Taking Care of Yourself is More Important Than You Think

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We know how hard it is to maintain self-care especially when you belong to a stressing company. Yes, adulthood makes it hard for us to do self-care. But, just to remind you, IT IS IMPORTANT and it should be maintained at least.

Without self-care, automatically, we will crash mentally and physically, burn out or just merely exist in life. Self-care is more than spoiling yourself with material things (although it’s a bit crucial too), it should be more than that.

Self- care could be of course on its most basic level like treating yourself with your favorite food, allowing yourself have a day at a spa, binge watch your favorite series, eating a whole box of pizza all by yourself, getting drunk with your chosen best beer, buying those shoes, bags and jewelries that you’ve been wanting to buy.

But in reality, self-care goes deeper than that. Self-care is also about getting physically and emotionally fine. It’s the decision where you tend to reject invites when you’re not feeling like going out because you just want to have a me-time at home and rest. It’s about saying no. It’s about saving money and time for your own future and actually investing on the betterment of yourself or for your passion.

And because I’ve mentioned, “passion”. Here’s a further explanation for that. Self-care is doing what your heart wants without giving a damn to what other people might think. Most of the time, we tend to let go of the things that we really want because of lack of support from the people around us or worse the people that we love. Support plays a big part of a person’s motivation in doing his or her passion.

Self-care is about letting go of those people that aren’t good for you. This one is considered as one of the most important in doing self-care. Too often we keep people in our lives even though we know in our hearts and minds that they’re aren’t good for us just because we’re too afraid to be alone or we feel like it’s not the right thing to do to remove them in our life because it’s too rude. But no, letting go of toxic people in our lives are part of your self betterment, it’s being mature. The very essence of self-care is putting yourself first.

Self-care is not allowing yourself to settle for less. It’s about doing what you want. It’s about pursuing your dreams. Dreams are what keeps us going. Just keep trying and trying. If in the end the unlikely happens, then so what? At least in the end, you know that you’ve tried. You will not have regrets in the future.  Self-care is about loving and accepting your true self.  Knowing what’s good for you until the future. Knowing how to balance your life.

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