Standing Up for Yourself

Photo by Daniel Spase from Pexels

Let me go straight on this. You have to stand up for yourself cause NO ONE ELSE WILL. No one else will defend you when people do you wrong. There’s no one else in this world who can explain your side and thoughts as well as you do. It’s just you who will protect your passion. It’s just you when you’re in your way in achieving your dreams. No one else has the power to control yourself but you.

Standing up for yourself will let people know that you are well respectable. Because as you stand up for yourself, it shows how strong person you are. You are feisty. You can continue your life and be successful without anyone. Yes, there are times when you’ll be needing the help of others, but again at the end, or even in the middle of your journey, you will realize that all along, the biggest help that you’ve had was yourself.

You have the right to stand up for yourself. It’s your basic human right. There’s nothing wrong in proving what you believe in and not agreeing with some people at times. It’s not a crime to speak up. It’s not wrong to express what you really feel. It’s not wrong to say that you’re hurt. It’s not wrong to withstand with something that you’re not comfortable with.

You have to stand up for yourself because someday, in reality, you’re going to need it. You will need it when the time comes of someone accusing you on something that you didn’t do. When people are getting rude just because they can. You will need it when people are trying to get you down, when they’re trying to break you. Being able to stand up for yourself is vital to your happiness. In order for you to be happy, you need to be strong enough. Start learning to stand up for yourself, you can do it. You are a strong person.


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