I’m Finally Letting You Go

Photo by Kristina Tripkovic on Unsplash

              I was astonished with your tantalizing eyes, your sweet soft lips; you caught me with your smile and to be honest up until now, you’re still the most amazing man I’ve met.

How I wish I could be yours forever. I wish I could tell you everyday how much I love you, listen to you on how your day went, listen to your rants at work and cook some food for you. But here I am with the best confidence I have, I’m finally ready to let go of the idea of “you and me”.

I admit that there were times when I thought and felt that there’s a chance between us, that you could love me back they way I love you. But I’m just a person, I have my own limit. I can’t keep on waiting for something that I couldn’t see a chance anymore. This is why I’m finally giving up on loving you.

I enjoyed those days of hoping but I also realized how much time I’ve wasted on wishing and hoping for something that doesn’t matter right now instead of looking for someone who actually could say that he’s sure of me.

I need someone who is ready and sure about loving me forever.

There’s still a percentage on my mind that keeps bugging me and saying that I shouldn’t do this, but my heart says this is the right thing for me. For my own good. It’s time for me to make room for something big and something’s good for my own life.

Loving you made me the happiest person ever and the loneliest at the same time. I didn’t even know that it’s actually possible.

This for our own good. This the end of us. I’ll learn to move on with my life and focusing on loving myself first. For you, it’s time for you to be free and enjoy your life without having the guilt.

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