How To Respond When You Encounter Body Shaming

Let’s not be hypocrite, we all have judged some people we know or strangers we see along the streets. Nobody’s perfect and we all have freedom of thinking and opinion. There’s always someone out there who takes issue with other people’s appearances, and what other people look like is quite simply none of their business.

But, what’s the point of calling it out? What’s the point of posting it on social media or commenting it? To those who do body shaming, what, do you get satisfaction? Does it make you happy? Just to remind you, body shaming is totally damaging, and the statistics are concern about it. According to, a huge 94% of women and 84% of men are affected by body shaming.

Body shaming comes in many forms, people being called too skinny, too fat, too pale, too short or tall, lanky, not muscular enough and so on. And most of this disgusting act happens on social media. Some people might say, “its social media, its public, you should’ve expected the worst when posting anything.” And to be honest, this is the saddest of part of it, it’s like its expected and normal even if it’s not. No one is exempted in this cruel mouth of those judgmental people, because even celebrities receive body shaming comments.

For those who experienced body shaming, NEVER EVER believe what they say. If they cannot act mature, then be the one who is. Just think, if you will react on them, they will just say more things that is honestly hurtful. The only thing to stop them is to not respond and react to them. Maybe those people have insecurities which I do believe we all have. Stand up, continue with your life. If possible, turn them off by not using your social media. Surround yourself with positive and good people. We are all beautiful. We all have different beauty in our own.

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