From Ex to Being A Friend?

Photo by Jonny Kennaugh on Unsplash

Break ups can be really a devastating experience especially if you’re relationship lasts for almost a year or more. You’ll have those sleepless nights thinking what went wrong. You did everything to save the relationship, you even lowered down your self by begging but still it ended.

You’ll wake up not knowing you’ve been staring at the window the whole night til’ the sun rises. You try to get through the day and do your everyday routine. You’re so damaged; it feels like a big part of your life was taken away without your permission. You start emptying your room of any thing that reminds you of him. You hid that necklace he gave you on your first anniversary. You took down all the photos on your mirror. It’s like taking a big leap on your life. Then, there’s this morning, you wake up feeling renewed and happy. You moved on. You’re happy again and dealing with life just like before.

As you go on with your day, you suddenly heard a beep from your phone. It was from the person whom you’ve thought you’re going to spend your life forever. It’s your ex. And because you’re moved on and ready, you agreed to meet.

You just had a casual talk. He said sorry and you said you’re fine with it already. And then he said that line that you don’t want to deal with, “Can we still be friends?” It hit you. You claim that you’re fine; you’re living your life again but are you really ready to be friends with him? Or could you be friends with him? Will it be a normal friendship? No bitterness, no awkwardness? You paused for a second. He didn’t wait for your answer, maybe because he felt that you’re still thinking about it.

So, can exes be friends? That’s quite a big question for most people. For my opinion, YES but with limits. You can be friends, why not? But make sure to respect each other’s partner because we cannot erase the fact that you’re still exes. That you used to love each other before. We must respect each others current partner, if the current partner’s not comfortable about the friendship, then move back. You have your own lives now. Respect is very important.

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