Adulthood Shouldn’t Be Scary

Photo by Christian Erfurt on Unsplash

              So after graduation, you might be freaking out and overthinking that adulthood is coming. The Internet is also bombarded with a lot of blog articles about adulthood. The scariest part is the BILLS! Next to it is the serious relationship then going to work to provide your own needs. Agh! Just by reading this, you can actually feel the stress right? I’m writing this article not to downplay all that because those are the reality on entering the adulthood stage.

Here’s the interesting part that you can look to, yes, you’ll go to work that might give you a lot of stress, yes, you’re going to meet a lot of rejections and struggles along the way but at the end of the day every struggle and every triumph it all belongs to you. You are investing for the betterment of yourself. What you might suffer will all be for you. It will all be for your future. It’s nice to meet new people, people who are matured and enjoying their income on their own. It’s nice to have your own money, money that you can spend on spoiling yourself, buy that jewelry that you want, those bags, and those shoes!

Adulthood will teach you a lot of lessons and realizations. You’ll learn that in real life, all you’ve got is yourself. You have to work hard for yourself. Life isn’t forever. You should make the most of it and cliché as it may sounds; live your life to the fullest.

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