5 Ways to Overcome Depression

Photo by Naomi August on Unsplash

              Have you ever had those times when you just want to be alone? You feel like everything’s against you. You feel like there’s no one that can ever understand how you feel. Whatever you do, all you can feel is emptiness and loneliness.

When these feelings were summed up, it’s called “Depression”. The worst feeling ever that a person can have. This may come unexpectedly. You can be happy one day, then the next day you feel the emptiness. There’s a lot of study about the causes of depression.

People who doesn’t experience this yet may say that depression can be easily overcome but how can we really say that it’s easy? If we, ourselves doesn’t know how it really feels. To be honest, no one is in charge of saying such things if they haven’t felt it yet.

As I’ve said, I myself, luckily, haven’t experience depression. But this list may help you a bit as for general. These are just precautions, not a treatment.


  1. Talk to your family

This might be hard for those people who are suffering depression because as far as I know, depression includes the fear of opening up to someone because they’re scared that they will just hear negative comments like, “you’re just acting up.” BUT, believe me, your family will understand you. No matter what problem you may encounter, your family is your number one supporter and listener.

Try opening up with the person that you are most comfortable with, like for example your sister or your brother.


  1. Listing down

Try reflecting and realize the positive things that you have. You may start by listing down good memories or certain people who makes you happy and always cheer you up. Remember your purpose. Remember the people who loves you.


  1. Go out

This is also a hard one for those people having depression. I know that there’s a feeling of being an introvert when having depression but have courage, be strong fight those negative vibes in you! Try going out. You can slowly start by getting out all by yourself, this action can also make you think about life and see the beauty of life outside. Get inspired.


  1. Watch inspiring movies

You can also play an inspiring movie like Forrest Gump and Pursuit of Happyness. Listen and understand the meaning of the movie. These movies are inspirational specifically for life.


  1. Talk to God

This one is the most important thing and easiest way to do. Always have a conversation with God. Ask help from Him. Have faith and all those negativities will soon be over.

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