5 Ways to Freshen Your Body This Summer

Photo by Simon Matzinger from Pexels

              The heat has arrived! I’m pretty sure that the beach lovers out there are ready for their vacation and beach trips. Others may just want to stay at home and spend summer in refreshing their health, physically and mentally.

It’s important to freshen up your body this summer. We all know that the scorching heat in summer is inevitable and most of times leading our bodies dehydrated and dry. We listed down 5 ways to keep your body alive this summer.

  1. Fresh Air

Get a breath of fresh air at your home by opening more windows. But take note, make sure to switch your ceiling fans to turn counterclockwise. Since during the winter, clockwise formation helps blow hot air into upper floors of the home, but during summer, switching the direction will keep the house cooler.

  1. Hiking

Summer is the best time for you to enjoy hiking. Unplug those techy-devices and listen to the chirping of returning birds and the swaying of the trees from up high.

  1. Work Out

Since summer gets really hot, it’s easier for you to sweat that’s why summer is also a great time to work out and lose those unwanted fats! Try jogging in the morning or when the sun’s down. Do a yoga routine to unwind your body and inner spirit.

  1. Change Your Meal Plans

In summer, fresh fruits are in at the market! There are a lot of fresh fruits like watermelon that could actually freshen you up against the heat.

  1. Outdoor Party

This is also the best time to organize a small outdoor party. Invite some of your friends and avoid those crowded resorts. Grill some beef and enjoy some beers. Flaunt your summer outfits and accessories!

Source: https://thoughtcatalog.com/kate-harveston/2019/04/8-simple-ways-to-revitalize-your-summer-routine/

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