5 Simple Ways to Handle Stress

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              We all have encountered different difficulties in life. Some of us overcame it easily but there are also people who finds it hard to deal with their situations. There is no such thing as a “perfect way” to deal with our difficulties, simply because, we deal differently, and we are all different in every way.

When our struggles in life stays with us too long and day by day it crushes us and we feel like there isn’t a solution anymore, this led us to feel the STRESS.  Stress is a big word. It can also have a different meaning to other people. There are a lot of things that triggers stress and again it’s vague. But one thing’s for sure… Stress is a feeling of drowning. Its like all your problems are attacking you at the same time and you don’t know what to focus on first. Stress may affect our health. Stress is a serious matter. It shouldn’t be belittled. Here are 5 easy ways to handle stress, (P.S! These may not work for others, but these are good start.)


  1. Take enough rest

Having a lack of sleep can even triggers more stress. Although, most of the time people who are stressed finds it hard to get some sleep since the problems in their head keeps on disturbing them making them feel uneasy and not relaxing. Medication is fine but it’s always better to be natural.

Make sure that your bedroom is reposeful with no reminders of the things that gets you stressed. Avoid taking caffeine in the evening since it can really affect your sleep.


  1. Talk to someone

You might think that you don’t have enough time to talk to someone since you’re really busy trying to eliminate your stress by finding a solution to your problems but, venting out your emotions to someone could really help you breathe and lessen the stress in your mind.

Make sure that the person you’re going to vent to is someone you’re comfortable with and someone whom you know for a very long time and not those judgy.


  1. Stress Diary

If #2 (talk to someone) is truly hard for you, making a stress diary could help you out also. It is similar to venting out but this time, there is no person involved. Write it all down, your problems, your feelings, your emotions, let it out on the paper!


  1. Learn to say NO

Obviously, what causes, or triggers stress is having too much to do in your everyday life. It’s okay to say no. You cannot do everything at the same time and I’m pretty sure no one can. I know that you find it hard to say no because you think it’s impolite and rude but no. It’s totally fine. Good people will understand you if you say no.


  1. Do relaxation things

With the problems in your head playing simultaneously, you can try to have relaxation to lessen and fight those stresses in your head. Watch your favorite feel-good movie, listen to music that can make feel calm. Do yoga.

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