5 Signs That Your Person Isn’t Your Forever

Whenever we’re in a relationship, especially for the new ones. We feel like they’re our world. Well, it’s not bad after all, but of course time is ticking. We shouldn’t waste time sticking to a person we’re not sure. In love, being sure is important more next to trust. Here are 5 signs that your person isn’t yet your forever.

  1. Not willing to know your friends

If he or she isn’t interested in bonding and knowing your friends, then honey they’re not the one. I mean, your friends were the ones who got your back when they’re not present yet. Your friends were the ones who saw you in your ups and downs in short, they played a big role in your life.


  1. Not willing to try new adventures

If he or she isn’t interested in trying new adventures like trying a new resto, going to a place you’ve never been or anything new, then he or she might not be the one. Your forever person should always be willing to try things WITH YOU, because in reality, when the time comes, there are a LOT of new things that you’ll encounter.


  1. Doesn’t talk about the future

Your forever person must see yourselves in the future together. He or she should’ve seen something great for the both of you. If they plan your future together, then you’re a lucky one.


  1. Be his complete self around you

I think this is understandable already, I mean, how can you stay or a person who’s not comfortable in showing who truly he or she is? A person you should be together forever is someone who’s comfortable with you and same goes to you.


  1. Not being honest

Simple and very common. But this is the reality. Being honest all the time even if it’s hard to say to your partner is important. No matter what it is, even if its hurtful, being honest and not lying is one major foundation of a healthy and long-lasting relationship.


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