5 Essential Things You Should Always Bring Everywhere

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

              Unplanned or planned hangouts with our friends are truly exciting and fun. And GIRLS!!! I know some of us have this “on-the-go bag” at home. It’s the bag that you bring with you whatever errand you have. It usually contains the things that we always use like our wallet, lipstick, hair comb or a pocket mirror. It’s actually good to have an on-the-go bag. This could really be helpful in times of sudden hurries or emergencies.

Since you already have an on-the-go bag, listed down are 5 essential things you should add on it. You’ll never know what may happen or what you’ll need. It’s better to go out complete and ready.


  1. Band- aid

Well, you’ll never know whether you’ll trip on your shoes and hit a rock *finger crossed* hope not! But it’s better to have 2-3 band-aids in your bag, besides band-aids are obviously handy with its thin and small size. You don’t want to ruin your #OOTD with a small cut on your legs, right?


  1. Hand sanitizer

Sanitation is number one! We hold and touch a lot of things whenever we’re out. No one knows how much germs those things have, yikes! Always put hand sanitizer before and after eating in a restaurant.


  1. Power bank

Most of time, we don’t set time of how many hours we’ll stay for a hangout and communication is important! Even if you left your house with a hundred percent battery charged, still, we’ll never know how many selfies and twitter updates we are going to post and obviously it’s a battery sucker.


  1. Mouthwash/ Dental Floss

Fresh breath is also important. After eating those yummy instagrammable foods, I’m pretty sure it’ll leave some remnants in our breaths or teeth. Freshen up not just on your face but also on your breath!


  1. Tissue

I think I don’t need to explain this one. Especially to ladies, TISSUE is a must! Whenever we go “pee-pee” and retouch, tissue is our best friend.

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