3 Important Simple Skin Care You Should Always Do

Photo by Septian simon on Unsplash

              We all have our own personal errands in our everyday life that makes us busy but trust me SKIN CARE is important! Having a well-maintained skin could bring you to a lot better. It can also boost confidence.

A lot of skin care products are too expensive, I know but there are always great alternatives that you can do to avoid spending that much. Great alternatives that are also effective. Actually, most of the times it’s not always about the products a person is using, it’s about their routine. We listed down 3 important simple skin care routines that you should do.


  1. Wash your face

This is a MUST! Besides taking a bath, it’s also important to wash your face before going to bed. Use any mild soap to wash off the dirt on your face. Make sure that you’re doing the right way of washing your face. If you’re wearing make-up regularly, remove your make up first by using petroleum jelly to fully remove your make-up. Dry your face with clean towel; Don’t RUB the towel to your face, just gently use it like damping.


  1. Avoid touching your face

Our hands is one of the most dirtiest part of our body since it’s the one who touches everything. We use our hands literally all the time and our face is very sensitive. Obviously, they do not really match. So, as much as possible avoid touching your face. Always use a clean and soft handkerchief when you need to wipe your face or if you don’t have, wash your hands first or pour some alcohol before touching your face.


  1. Avoid putting so many skin products

I know that there are a lot of products that you want to apply in your face whether it’s a make-up or for skin care and yes, those things maybe really effective but if you want to take care of your face it is better to not apply much products. You can maintain a clear face with just a mild soap, clean water and soft towel.

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